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Insurance Adjuster Near Clawson, Michigan

At National Claims Service our insurance adjuster is tasked with examining and resolving claims filed with an insurer. An insurance adjuster, often known as a claims adjuster, is a person who works with insurance companies to process claims submitted by insureds or claimants. They examine the facts of each case and decide an acceptable claim settlement based on the insured’s policy provisions. Give us a call today and we can schedule an appointment with one of our insurance adjusters.

What Is a Insurance Adjuster Near Clawson, MI

Insurance adjuster claims might be in-house representatives or outside contractors engaged by your insurer (or you!). They look into matters such as personal injury, medical bills, and property damage. Photographs and statements from those directly involved with the claim, as well as testimonials from relevant experts, are included by an insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster then add their personal opinion on how much the insurance should pay.

National Claims Service has an insurance adjuster that deals with structural damage claims and/or liability claims involving personal injuries or third-party property damage. They investigate each case by chatting with the claimant, interviewing any witnesses, examining records (such as police or medical records), and inspecting any property involved. The insurance adjuster will be able to establish the amount of the insurance company’s potential responsibility to its insured once the investigation is completed. The Insurance adjuster frequently tries to persuade property owners to settle for less than their claim is worth. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about an insurance adjuster.