Claims Advocate Approach vs. Self Representation

Don't Go At It Alone

Don't Self Represent at the Time of Catastrophe

What Did I Just Sign?

Signing a repair contract/vendor contract the night of your catastrophe not knowing that you did thinking you signed to board up and..Read More

We Assist at the Time of Catastrophe

We’ll Help Protect Your Property

We can assist you in boarding, securing, winterizing and protecting your property to avoid additional damages without being obligated or unknowingly hiring..Read More

Don't Self Represent for Living Arrangements

Where Will We Live?

Don’t just hope living arrangments will happen in a timely manner without knowing you can receive an advance or temporary housing.

We Assist with Living Arrangements

Don’t Worry. We Will Help.

We can make additional living arrangements and request an advance to purchase emergency items, medicine, clothing and arrangements for pets.

Don't Self Represent to Try Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

It May Not Be Determined Until It’s Too Late

Trying to understand all of your insurance coverages that apply to your specific situation along with coverage concerns or questions that may..Read More

We Assist with Evaluating Policy Coverage

We Will Help You Understand

We can evaluate your policy coverages and extensions of your building, building codes and debris removal. Evaluate your contents/personal and property in..Read More

Don't Self Represent for Disposing Property

It Could be Too Soon

Immediately having your furniture, clothing and electronics removed from your property without knowing the cost and understanding the high cost of your..Read More

We Assist with Site Inspection and Consultation


We will conduct a site inspection and consultation with National Claims Service’s team of experts to evaluate your specific needs and to..Read More

Don't Self Represent for Inventorying

Don’t Attempt it On Your Own

Don’t attempt to do your own inventory in a timely fashion or have a vendor who is at the control of the..Read More

We Assist with Preparing the Inventory and Estimates

We Work Exclusively for You

We will prepare the building estimate and contents / personal property with a team who works exclusively for you.

Don't Deal with the Stress Alone

It’s a Stressful Maze of Confusion

You don’t have to deal with the stress of a complex claim for the first time. Don’t navigate through the maze of..Read More

We Assist with Negotiating Your Claim

We’re With You for the Entire Journey

We will negotiate your claim with the “Pit Bull” approach to maximize your settlement so you can begin the restoration of property..Read More