What is a Public Adjuster?

National Claims Service is a Licensed Public Adjuster & Appraiser Firm. An independent, or insurance company adjuster, represents only the insurance company. Public adjusters on the other hand are sometimes referred to as private adjusters or Licensed Public Adjusters. Public Adjusters are licensed by the state to exclusively represent policy holders.

Public adjusters represent homeowners, business owners, landlords and property managers. The State of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs allows you to retain the services of public adjusters. Public Adjusters are required to be licensed by the state and represent  the the policy holder/ the insured only. Contacting a Public Adjuster can make the difference in obtaining the highest settlement versus getting only what the insurance company wants to pay.

Why You Need Public Adjuster Services

A public adjuster prepares the complicated building, contents and loss of use claim required by insurances companies. We prove the value of the loss and negotiate the maximum settlement on your behalf. With our r services, you receive an immediate inspection of the loss site, analysis of the damages, assembly of the claim support data, review of the insurance coverage, determination of current replacement costs, and other exclusive services for you, the policy holder. Public adjusters level the playing field with the insurance company because we are an advocate for you. This approach is the opposite of an independent adjuster or insurance company adjuster who represents only insurance companies interest and to maximize their company’s profits. The services we provide you is many-faceted and includes:


A full analysis of your insurance policy and how it affects both the amount of your loss and the necessary functions to properly prove your loss. The proper handling of your rights and obligations under the terms of your insurance contract is essential to a favorable claim outcome.

Quantum Loss Determination

Determination of the quantum of loss including analysis as to how the categorization of different types of property can be used under policy terms/definitions to affect the greatest dollar recovery for you.

Specialized Loss Determination

Determination of the loss in highly specialized areas of coverage such as business interruption insurance, valuable papers and records coverage’s, and additional extensions of coverage’s you may not even know you have!

Retaining professional claim services, of a competent and qualified team puts you on a level playing field with the insurance company and their experts.

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National Claims Service acts as a public adjuster in Michigan, a North Carolina public adjuster, a West Virginia public adjuster, a Florida public adjuster, and a public adjuster in Georgia.