Appraisal Services

National Claim Service’s appraisal services has assisted clients since 1997 and has obtained satisfying and successful settlements on their behalf. We will provide the experience and knowledge that you deserve to prove your loss and maximize the amount paid during the appraisal process.

When a Dispute Occurs, You Need Experienced Appraisal Services

During the claims adjusting process a dispute between the insurance company and the insured may arise over coverage (denying an obligation to pay anything), and the value of the loss or extent of damages. The claim is then at an impasse. As the policyholder, you may feel that the insurance company’s offer is your only option. However, under your insurance policy, and state law, you have the right to demand or invoke the appraisal clause when an agreement as to the value of your claim cannot be reached. When this dispute happens, you need appraisal services.

What Are Appraisal Services?

An appraisal is similar to binding arbitration and is used in adjusting insurance claims to resolve the complicated differences in your claim of the value of the loss and what the insurance company is willing to pay. An appraisal panel is formed to review the claim submissions and damages. You will select an appraiser to advocate your claim and the insurance company then picks an appraiser to advocate its defenses.  The two appraisers must agree to who will be a fair and impartial Umpire, or a Judge from the court will select an impartial Umpire. A decision of any two of the three becomes binding and the award.  During the appraisal process sometimes industry experts are used to resolve the disputes.  This takes the decision out of the hands of the Insurance Company’s adjusters and even the Judge or jury, which is not familiar with insurance claims. Appraisal resolves the claim quicker than the lengthy process of litigation and at a significantly lower cost to the insured.

Our Appraisal Services
  • Review your existing claim submission and determine the value and extent of your dispute.​
  • Consulting with an attorney or other expert to assist with the facts and legal matters.
  • Prepare and present to the appraisal panel a comprehensive claims presentation addressing the defenses injected by the insurance company while providing the proper response to benefit our position.
  • Prove and support our position with key facts and documentation to negotiate with the appraisal panel to maximize your recovery.

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National Claims Service acts as a public adjuster in Michigan that offers appraisal services to help clients with their claims. We also act as a public adjuster in West Virginia, a Michigan public adjuster, a public adjuster in Florida, a North Carolina public adjuster, and a Georgia public adjuster.